Anyone who knows me knows my drink of choice is a Vodka Martini w/ a bleu cheese olive.  While on a recent trip to Napa Valley Wine Country, I stumbled upon the most amazing Vodka.  As unexpected as this was, my taste buds were sparked and so was my interest.  I had been searching for my own personal Vodka for the past few years and suddenly the dream was a reality!

With wheat harvested from premium select farms in the United States and natural spring water from the heart of the California Wine Country, only the finest, select ingredients are used to produce an organic Vicki’s Vodka.
The five-stage distillation process with our American made copper still eliminates all impurities, leaving the product ready for multi-stage gravity flow charcoal filtration. This ultimate technique is the final stage of production resulting in Vicki’s Vodka- quality American hand-made vodka.

Buy one today and try one of the finest hand made vodkas in the world! “Woo Hoo”!

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